Hitting it Out of The Park!

Posted by Richmond Hill Minor Softball Association on Jan 17 2016 at 07:22PM PST in 2014/2015 Season

Here’s what families said when asked what their child’s favourite part of the season was.

“Learning to play, interacting with the coach. The coach was engaging and made it fun!”

“She loved, loved, loved her team and coaches.”

“He loved learning the sport and playing with his team.”

“They all enjoyed opening day and the final games of the season when they received their trophies. The loudspeaker and announcer was a very nice touch. The kids especially liked hearing their nicknames.”

“She had a great coach and team so she enjoyed the whole season.”

“Seeing old friends and making new friends.”

“Learning how to play softball and making friends.”

“His coach, his team and progressing from a non-player to skilled. His trophy and hearing his nickname on the loudspeaker at the final game.”

“Parents against kids’ games!!!”

“Improving her skills and making good friends.”

“The out of own Select team tournaments and off-season skills clinics.”

“My son enjoyed both the house league team and the select team. This was my daughter’s first year. She liked the off-season Friday night clinics and just being on a team with the other kids for the first time.”

“The camaraderie of his/hers teammates.”

“She loves playing as a group and had a lot of fun as she has had for the past 3 years.”

“She really enjoyed his first year in softball and the encouraging atmosphere created by the team and parents.”

“Playing together as a team and not being left out.”

“She most enjoyed the camaraderie on the girl’s select team. The girls were always happy and cheering each other on despite the outcome of the game.”